We at the Movie Madness Podcast love action films and those that make them. Even more, we love to debate which actors, characters and movies are the best. Well, we picked up the gauntlet and jumped into the fray with our favorite Sylvester Stallone movies. Rocky and Rambo came out toe to toe, but there were a few shocking surprises Check out Jeremy’s picks (if you dare) and try and get the images out of your head.

I’m told, that Doug and Craig have suffered horrible nightmares following Mr. Jeremy’s revelations. Don’t trust me…you really need to tune in to see for your self. Will Rocky win, Rambo or some less savory character. Think about it: Tango and Cash, Cobra or, horror of horrors, Cliffhanger with Stallone as Gabe Walker.

Please help us by leaving your favorite Sylvester Stallone movies and comments at: #260-573-0015, email us at or post your thoughts on TwitterFacebook or the Ultimate Movie Geeks community on Google+

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3 Responses to Top 5 Sylvester Stallone Movies

  1. Rob says:

    Rocky III, RAMBO First Blood II, Cobra, Nighthawks, The Specialist, shout out to Rhinestone and Paradise Alley!

    • Doug says:

      Rob! Awesome list! I so wanted to put Cobra in my top 5! It just missed out, I love the “You’re a disease and I’m the cure” quote in the grocery store scene! I’ve gotta go back and watch Nighthawks, I remember the ending but cant place much else. Your You’ve got company picking The Specialist but your all alone on Rhinestone! Drinkenstein! lol. Thanks for the list and keep em coming!

    • Craig Peters says:

      Nice list!

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