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WARNING: SPOILER AHEAD! Yep everyone, this is the definitive look at Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 complete with spoilers, reveals and analysis (such as it is, remember this is the Movie Madness Podcast} The entire Guardians team is back, with a few additions, and having a great time and of course, we are too. I think you’ve guessed, since we wear our hearts on our collective sleeves: We Love This Movie!

We rate this episode R because we “expose” everything! You will find out which character dies, who fell in love and what the hell did Rocket say (or do) that freaked everyone out. This movie is insanely funny and we are madly in love with it. It’s not all sunshine and buttercups, of course (OMINOUS VOICE CONTINUES), there is a dark side and we will tell you about that too, but you will have to listen to find out.

As always we love your input and, if it’s particularly poignant, we’ll read it in our next episode! Talk to us at: moviemadnesspodcast@gmail.com or post to TwitterFacebook or the Ultimate Movie Geeks community on Google+


Hey, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is in theaters and we, at Movie Madness Podcast, are lovin’ it! So much so, that we got together and did a special spoiler free Mini-Review. You really need to catch this one, because we had just as much fun doing it as we did at the movie (well…almost). Doug, Jeremy and Craig are in rare form so don’t miss it!

As always share your comments and reviews at: moviemadnesspodcast@gmail.com. And to round everything out you can also post them to TwitterFacebook or the Ultimate Movie Geeks community on Google+


Grab on to your seat, hold onto your water and get ready for a pulse pounding, heart stopping non-stop action flick! Furious 7 is one of the best of the breed, except you have to leave your mind (maybe your whole brain) at the door. My own theater had a little box by the door iced and ready for mine. It was quite convenient.

Don’t ever get me wrong, this movie was obviously about a galaxy far, far away and maybe a different universe. Obviously physics works entirely different in that universe, because there is nothing in Furious 7 that remotely resembled our Earth. The only thing that makes this work for me is all of the Furious movies flirt with impossible happenings. With Furious 7 it not only flirts, but takes it to bed and wakes up early next morning for breakfast with it. I’m not kidding: guns that fire with out power and with unlimited cartridges, cars that fly without wings and bad guys that should star in Terminator movies.

7 has the same old crew, Dominic and the boys (and girls), but there’s some nice additions, Kurt Russell and Jason Statham, good guy and bad guy respectively. Russell is the crusty old government agent that just won’t stop and Statham the Energizer Bunny of villains. He just keeps running. Somehow, and that’s never explained, he shows up wherever the team is and, no matter how much he gets stomped, he seems to keep fighting.

Furious 7 is classic old school film magic, like the six shooters that fired eighteen or the horse and rider that died several times in the same western, only 2015 style. Just remember when you walk into the lobby that Furious 7 is part of a “persistent world” where Dominic Toretto is king and his “family” manages to defy physical limitations. Accept that and you will really like this film. If you cannot, don’t even bother. I’ll give you that this one is great with popcorn and peanut M&Ms!

Rating: 3 out of 5 and this should be seen in the theater!


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